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Reconstruction of houses and brick flats.


rekonstrukce před a po

If you are no more satisfied with the arrangement of your house or a brick flat we offer a complex solution of property revitalization. Our specialists will provide not only the inside, but also the outside craft works using high quality materials. Expert consultancy is a part of the services provided within property reconstruction.

Before commencement of the construction modifications we will prepare design documentation, arrange for building permission and construction supervision. Our company also offers suitable thermal insulation of individual parts of houses. All the activities related to thermal insulation are backed with expert calculations.


Reconstruction of a house

We reconstructed a house for our client in Český Krumlov. read more

We tried to realize client’s ideas and thanks to that the house came alive again after the reconstruction and gives a very nice impression.

Extension to a house

We implemented an extension and construction modifications of an existing house in Dolní Měcholupy, Prague. read more

The extension consists two parts. A garage with a parking space in the basement, which is then linked to the mechanical room of the house. A spacious living room with beautiful view of the garden is situated in the upper part of the house. hide

Reconstruction of an old house

We implemented a turnkey reconstruction for our client in České Budějovice. The existing house was built in the 1960s. read more

It is a simple structure on square layout covered with a steep saddle roof. A single storey extension is attached to the basic structure of the house in the garden. The house is a two storey one, including the attic and has basements throughout the layout. The investor required rearrangement of the layout to reflect the needs of a present young family. Emphasis was also put on improvement of the thermal- technical properties of the peripheral structures of the building. The ground floor functionally serves as living room and a kitchen with a large dining area, which was achieved by demolition of an existing partition wall. The first floor is living with two child bedrooms, which are sufficiently spacious and airy. There is also the main bedroom and a home office with a library in the house. The arrangement of the basement area has been left unchanged and serves as the technical room of the house.

Reconstruction of a house within the New Green Savings Programme

The house is located in the built-up area of the village of Litvínovice near České Budějovice, the neighbouring plots are also built up with houses. read more

The project dealt with construction modifications of an existing house. Thermal insulation, replacement of windows, overall renewal and modernization according to current housing trends. The built up area of the house was extended by a winter garden on an existing concrete terrace and the shape of the roof had to be changed because of the thermal insulation. The height of the house however was not changed.

Reconstruction and thermal insulation of a house in Lipany

We revitalized a house in Lipany near Prague for our client. The existing property has rectangular layout of dimensions 9.5 x 9.75 m. read more

An external staircase protrudes on the eastern side with an entrance door and a toilet. The house has a basement, a ground floor and an attic. The southern side is designed as entrance with a plastic entrance door and a garage door. The house is very spacious and gives an impression of cosiness. Further construction modifications involved replacement of the wiring, water piping, drainage and heating. The gas distribution remained unchanged. The inner plasters, floor surfaces and tiling were repaired. The old double windows were replaced with plastic ones with insulation double glazing. The facade was completely insulated with 80 mm thick polystyrene. 100 mm thick PUR insulation boards were used in the attic.

Turnkey house reconstruction in Český Krumlov

We modernized an existing house in Český Krumlov for our client. The house consists of two separate flats. read more

The house is partly sunken in the ground to the first floor level on the north-western side. The reconstruction particularly involved thermal insulation of the peripheral walls and the roof, replacement of windows and doors and construction of a roofed parking space.


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