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House designing tailored to your requirements.


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We offer a solution of house construction according to your own proposals. If you are interested in construction of a house, which will be unique according to your ideas and requirements the possibility of a self-tailored design is the right choice. We prepare all designs as well as the construction itself in compliance with all the legal standards.

An experienced designer will prepare the draft of a unique house, which will suit the land. He will also help you with the building approval. Emphasis is put not only on the maximum functionality of the house, but particularly on meeting your ideas of ideal living.


House in Včelná

We built a 3 bedroom bungalow-type house of total built up area 159 sq. m for our client. read more

The house is based on monolithic concrete foundation strips, which are thermally insulated with extruded polystyrene on the outside. The vertical structures are bricked of HELUZ grinded bricks. The ceiling is made of thermally insulated plasterboard soffit suspended on the roof bearing structure. The roof consists of nailed framed wooden girders. The hipped roof is covered with BRAMAC concrete roof tiles.

House in České Budějovice

The construction is designed as functional, with respect to the requirements of the clients and the owners of the neighbouring properties. The family home is designed as detached, single storey, without basement and habitable attic. read more

The bungalow has a rectangular layout with a hipped roof, a parking space is covered with a single-pitched roof. There is one 3 bedroom living-space with a bathroom and utility room without a garage inside the house.

The entrance is from the western side through a hall to a central passage with doors to a utility room and a changing room in the centre of the layout. Other rooms are accessible from the passage, i.e. the bedrooms and 2 rooms, a home office, a bathroom and a separate toilet and the living area. The sitting room area is open to the kitchen and the dining area, a balcony door leads to the garden through a partly covered terrace. There is a small pantry in the kitchen. The loft is accessible on a ladder from the passage there is a wooden bridge to access the roof hatch. A garden shed has a separate entrance from the outside.

The vertical walls and partitions are bricked with HELUZ blocks. The house is built to the low-energy standard. The girder structure with battens is covered with concrete roof tiles.

The windows are plastic, arranged as necessary. A fireplace insert is located in the living room. A condensation gas boiler with exhaustion of combustion products used for heating and hot water preparation is located in the utility room. Eaves gutters will drain rain water to a retention on the investor’s land. The property not primarily designed as wheelchair accessible.

House at Lipno Lake

A recreation property is designed in similar volume, shape and height as the original, already demolished house and is located at the place of the original house. read more

The construction is located at the edge of the built up part of Horní Planá. The house is designed as a detached two storey one (a ground floor and an attic). The house has rectangular layout of 12.03 x 8.5 metres and a saddle roof with 45° inclination. The roof ridge is parallel with the longer side of the land towards Lipno Lake. The vertical walls and partitions are bricked with HELUZ blocks. The house is built to the low-energy standard.

House below the church in Kamenný Újezd

We built a low-energy family home according to our own project documentation for our client. The heating consumption does not exceed 50 kWh/(m2a) a year. read more

The house is heated by a heating system with a gas boiler. The windows of the main room are oriented to the south. The airing is provided through window panes with double and triple glazing with excellent insulation properties. Good thermal insulation parameters of the used materials give the house excellent qualities and contribute to its long life.

House in Kamenný Újezd

The heating consumption of this house is a maximum of 15 kWh/(m2a) a year. It provides higher energy efficiency standard than low-energy houses. read more

A passive house does not have a conventional heating system and is able to save a huge amount of energy compared to conventional constructions by means of a recuperation unit. The recuperation unit located inside the house ensures airing with highly efficient heat recovery. The house is airtight and nearly no heat leaks through the peripheral structures. The wall openings are provided with triple glazed windows.

The house cleverly takes energy from the sun and manages the building interior energy economically thanks to the recuperation.

The peripheral walls and the partitions are bricked of sand-lime bricks KM Beta SENDWIX. We used the sand-lime bricks for this construction as this is the ideal material for building thermally insulating multilayer peripheral walls.

The main facade of the house is designed facing south to maximize the gains from the solar energy. The required coefficient of heat transfer of all the structures is designed to the value U = 0.18 W/(m2K).

House in Branišov

We built an energy saving house with conventional composition of peripheral structures for our client. The annual specific heat consumption for heating does not exceed 75 kWh/(m2a). read more

This energy saving house is heated with the classical heating system for solid fuels. A fireplace for wood is located inside the building.

We proposed the arrangement of the rooms on client’s request. The night resting zone is located on the top floor and the day zone on the ground floor. The sizes of the windows were designed to provide suitable lighting in the rooms with regard to the orientation of the cardinal directions. The airing is natural through the windows without a recuperation unit. All the structures of the house, like peripheral walls, windows, floors and ceilings, have good thermal insulation parameters.


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